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Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of use is published in accordance with Rules under Information Technology Rules 2011 that require publishing of rules and regulations, privacy policy and terms of use for access or usage of this website.

The domain name is owned by S. S. NetCom Pvt. Ltd., a company incorporated under The Company’s Act 1956 having its Registered Office at S. S. Chambers, Dhankheti, Shillong – 793003, Meghalaya, India

1. Definitions

Customer: means all customers who have a NEline Wi-Fi Service account or a NEline Broadband Services account.
NEline Wi-Fi Service: means a NEline Wi-Fi Services as offered to NEline Customers in Shillong / Tura City.
NEline Broadband Services: means NEline Broadband Services as offered to NEline customers in Shillong / Tura City.

2. As a customer, you must:

2.1. Use the NEline Service in accordance with the terms & conditions of use.
2.2. Use a valid account to access NEline Broadband Service.

3. As a customer, you must not:

3.1. Use the NEline internet services for any activities, or transmit via NEline Broadband Services; any information or materials, which breach any laws or regulations, infringe a third party’s rights or privacy, or are contrary to any revelant standards or codes.

3.2. Use NEline Broadband Services in a way, to transmit any material, which interferes with other users or defames, harasses, threatens, menaces or offends any person which inhabits any other customer from using or enjoying NEline Broadband Services.

3.3. Use NEline Broadband Services to send unsolicited commercial or bulk electronic mail message to anyone.

3.4. Make a fraudulent or speculative enquiries, booking, reservation or requests using Use NEline Broadband and Services

3.5. Use any other customer’s credentials without his permission.

3.6. Impersonate another person when logging in to NEline Broadband Services.

3.7. Transmit via NEline Broadband Services any obscene, indecent, inflammatory or pornographic material that could give rise to civil or criminal proceedings.

3.8. Resort to hacking or destroying the internet sites including the websites of NEline or S.S. NetCom.

3.9. Attempts any of the above acts or permit another person to do any of the above acts.

4. Traffic Change

4.1. The traffics charged for using NEline Broadband Services are subject to change without prior notice. Customer must check the traffics before using NEline Broadband Services.

5. Security
5.1. For security we may require the customer to re-authenticate himself from time to time for example after a period of inactivity on the connection between his browser and the NEline Broadband Services server is terminated due to prolonged periods of inactivity between his browser and the NEline Broadband Services.

5.2. Customer must comply with all direction issued by NEline relating to use of services. Neither NEline nor any NEline’s partners are responsible for providing neither the computer, hardware, software nor other equipment necessary to access the internet.

5.3. Customer must not send or disclose his ‘Password/PIN’ to any other person or store it in a manner that would reasonably allow another person or entity to obtain access to it and NEline shall not responsible for the same.

5.4. Customer must not keep the ‘Password/PIN’ in a location where it is capable of being copied and used by any other person or disclose it to any other person. NEline will not be responsible if your password is copied and used for accessing Use NEline Broadband Services. No amount shall be refunded due to loss of card or password.

5.5. NEline is entitled to rely on the information provided by customer in the Customer Application Form during commissioning the connection.

5.6. Customer must immediately notify us if he becomes aware:
5.6.1. That his username and password is known by a third party (other than by an Authorized Person); or

5.6.2. Of any unauthorized use of his password In the event that the customer notifies NEline as above, we will take reasonable steps to change the password for that customer.

5.7. NEline will take reasonable steps to secure Use NEline Broadband Services ant the system in its control that are used to access Use NEline Broadband Services. However, the internet is sometimes unreliable and is a difficult medium to secure. NEline therefore does not guarantee the security of NEline Wi-Fi or the systems (including the internet and your hardware and software) used to access NEline Wi-Fi, or any information that passes through such systems.

6. Privacy

6.1 NEline does not disclose any personal information about the customer that is collected during On-boarding / Login / Payment process or during any special promotion carried out. This information will be used to understand the customer’s requirements and provide better services in the future and it will be used for Internal Official Purposes ONLY.

7. Our liability towards the customer

7.1. Given the nature of telecommunication systems, particularly the internet, we cannot guarantee that Use NEline Broadband will always be available or will be error free.

7.2. Neither NEline nor any of it partners warrants that any software or other material accessed from any websites using NEline Broadband Services is free of viruses, worms, Trojan horses or other harmful components.

7.3. The terms apply to supply of Use NEline Broadband Services are those that are expressly set out in this document.

7.4. We are not responsible for

7.4.1. Loss caused by factors which could reasonably be considered to be beyond our control.

7.4.2. Any loss of data or loss of profits or revenue; and

7.4.3. Any loss to the extent that it is caused by the customer, for example, through his negligence or breach of contract.

7.5. Services may be suspended in whole or in part at any time without notice if the network requires urgent modification or maintenance. NEline shall make all reasonable efforts to minimize the frequency and duration of such events.

7.6. If at any time, during the continuation of Services, the performance in whole or part, of any obligation under it shall be prevented or delayed by reason of war, hostility, acts of the public enemy, civil commotion, sabotage, fire, flood, explosion, epidemic, quarantine restriction, strikes, lock-out or act of GOD etc, the customer shall not have any claim for damages against NEline respect of such non-performance or delay in performance of services(s).

8. Changes to the landing page or websites

8.1. NEline reserves the right to make changes to the website or landing page without informing the customer.

9. Termination:

9.1. Customer needs to give one month notice for disconnecting. Immediate disconnection will not be entertained.

9.2. We may immediately suspend, terminate or limit your access to NEline Wi-Fi/ Broadband Services if:

9.2.1. We believe on reasonable ground that there is a real risk of serious loss damage to it or another if we do not suspend, terminate or limit your access to NEline Broadband.

9.2.2. The law requires us to do so

9.2.3. We believe on reasonable grounds that providing access to NEline Broadband to your illegal or may become illegal.

10. Use of customer information and material:

10.1. When you send us any feedback, suggestions, ideas or other materials is relation to or via NEline Broadband, you agree that we can use, produce, publish, modify, adapt without restriction.

11. Refund / Cancellation and Disconnection Policy:

11.1 Customers can apply for disconnection through or by submitting an application to the Office (S S Chambers, Dhankheti, Shillong – 793003).

11.2 1 Month Notice period is needed before the account is disconnected

11.3 Security Deposit is adjusted with the Last month’s Bill.

11.4 Installation Fee is not refundable.